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Kairo Game Guides is a fan website dedicated to the games produced by KairoSoft, by providing strategies, guides and lists of resources available in their games!


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Pocket Harvest Layout

The layout of your farms is important for farming efficiently. Here's a guide to the basics of layout in Pocket Harvest.

Bug-B-Gone Guide

Bug B Gone is an item in Pocket Harvest that repels bugs on your farm. Here's a guide on how to craft and use the item.

Getting Money - Making More Gold

Gold is the essential currency in Pocket Harvest and this is a guide on how to maximize your wealth creation

Comprehensive List of Items

List of all items in Dungeon Village 2, with details on each item, how to acquire and what effects they have.

List of all Traits

There are over a hundred unique traits your city can have in Dungeon Village 2, and we have the full list with details on how to acquire each trait.

All Monsters and Enemies

Entire list of dozens of unique tameable monsters and enemies exist in Dungeon Village 2, and they provide various traits and bonuses to your adventures.

In Game Help and Tips

Dungeon Village 2 has 40 in-game help tips and we've collected them all in one place.

About KairoSoft

Kairosoft, a Japanese game developer, has gained recognition for its niche in the mobile gaming industry by specializing in simulation and management games. Established in 1996, the company has built a reputation for its adorable pixelated art style and addictive gameplay mechanics.

With a portfolio spanning various titles, Kairosoft has consistently offered games that revolve around managing businesses, towns, and various scenarios, often combining strategy with a retro aesthetic.

Notable titles include "Game Dev Story", where players manage a game development company, "Dungeon Village 2", a simulation game centered around building a fantasy village, and "Pocket Academy" which involves overseeing the operations of a school.