Image of the monsters  in Dungeon Village 2

Summary of Monsters in Dungeon Village 2

In Dungeon Village 2, there are 102 unique enemies or monsters you can face. Monsters automatically spawn in the field around your city, as well as encountered in quests and dungeons.

Your adventurers in the city will automatically fight monsters that occur, and can defeat them solo or in a group. There are several outcomes upon defeating monsters:
  • Town points will be added each month
  • Gold will be rewarded as taxes your adventurer pays when they defeat a monster
  • They will reward experience points to adventurers who participated in the fight
  • If a monster tamer is in a group quest, they have a chance to tame that monster
  • Occasionally reward an item for defeat
Tamed monsters can be paired with adventurers to boost their capabilities in battle. Monster pets can be swapped out at the monster farm.

Feeding treats or pairing an adventurer with a monster increases their satisfaction, and when the bond is strong enough, adventurers can ride their monsters into battle.

The outcome of a battle with monsters depend on several factors:
  1. How many adventurers are participating in the fight
  2. How strong their equipment and stats are: (Attack, Magic, Defense)
  3. How strong or the level of the monster
If you're having trouble defeating monsters in Dungeon Village 2, it's helpful to equip your adventurers with the best available armor and weapons, as well as giving them gifts to increase their satisfaction.

Higher level or tougher monsters are worth more gold, town points and experience. The more of a specific monster you defeat, the higher level they will become.

We've compiled all the monsters, and listed their attributes below.

List of Enemies in Dungeon Village 2