Image of the items  in Dungeon Village 2

Introduction to Items in Dungeon Village 2

In Dungeon Village 2, there are 120 items. Items can be used in a variety of ways, and is essential for building an unique town and growing powerful adventurers.

With items, you can:
  • Power up adventurers in your town by giving them presents
  • Unlock recipes by adding items into the cauldron
  • Upgrade items to city structures or buildings to enhance their price, appeal and quality
  • Unlock traits and titles by any of the actions above
You can acquire items in Dungeon Village 2 in several ways:
  1. Questing and hunting monsters
  2. Buying from the store
  3. Getting gifts from adventurers when they move into your town
Different items have different effects when gifted to adventurers, upgrading city buildings, adding to cauldron and also create different traits for your city.

The details for each item in Dungeon Village, as well as their effects are all linked below.

List of Items in Dungeon Village 2