Guides & Lists for Pocket Harvest

Pocket Harvest is a farm simulation game by KairoSoft that lets the player manage a farm, from growing crops to raising animals. The goal is to make money - and expand and grow your farm to a world famous attraction.

Here are some guides for Pocket Harvest that can help you maximize the potential of your farm!

Pocket Harvest Layout

The layout of your farms is important for farming efficiently. Here's a guide to the basics of layout in Pocket Harvest.

Bug-B-Gone Guide

Bug B Gone is an item in Pocket Harvest that repels bugs on your farm. Here's a guide on how to craft and use the item.

Getting Money - Making More Gold

Gold is the essential currency in Pocket Harvest and this is a guide on how to maximize your wealth creation

Pocket Harvest Summary

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life as you embrace the serene pleasures of rural existence in Pocket Harvest. Cultivate a variety of crops and befriend adorable animals to create a thriving farm, while also exploring the option to boost your income through tourism with attractions like hot air balloons and sports facilities.

In Pocket Harvest, you take charge, wearing the overalls and steering the course of your farm's success. Manage fields, train workers, and expand your agricultural empire, all while balancing the demands of crop quality and tourism development to create a virtual cornucopia of fun and achievement.ent farm management, providing players with a comprehensive and engaging simulation of the farming experience.