Image of the traits  in Dungeon Village 2

There are 185 traits in Dungeon Village 2 by KairoSoft. Traits are one of the building blocks of your city, which enables you to grow your city.

With combinations of specific traits, you can:
  • Recruit new visitors and adventurers
  • Award different Town Titles
  • Reward town popularity and gems
Natural progression through the game will unlock some traits. However, if you are seeking a specific adventurer or job to visit your town, you will have to fulfill their requirements.

Building facilities, unlocking new adventurer jobs, holding events, using items, and taming monsters can all increase your Trait Points. Other actions include giving gifts, using items on facilities, giving monsters treats, or collecting crops from the farm can also increase trait points for a certain trait.

Traits that have enough points will display a news bulletin in your town, saying your town acquired X trait at 50, 100 or 200+ points.

Below, you will find a list all of the traits in Dungeon Village 2 below, and their specific requirements on how to obtain each one.