Guides & Lists for Dungeon Village 2

Dungeon Village 2 is a RPG strategy simulation game where adventurers come into a city you design. By building structures, acquiring town traits, and recruiting and growing your adventurers, your town's popularity will grow.

Below are several guides that help you maximize the growth of your city in Dungeon Village 2, from how to acquire any given trait and title, to in game help and tips, summarized in one place.

Comprehensive List of Items

List of all items in Dungeon Village 2, with details on each item, how to acquire and what effects they have.

List of all Traits

There are over a hundred unique traits your city can have in Dungeon Village 2, and we have the full list with details on how to acquire each trait.

All Monsters and Enemies

Entire list of dozens of unique tameable monsters and enemies exist in Dungeon Village 2, and they provide various traits and bonuses to your adventures.

In Game Help and Tips

Dungeon Village 2 has 40 in-game help tips and we've collected them all in one place.

Popular Pages for Dungeon Village 2

Below are some of the most popular items, monsters, and traits in Dungeon Village 2, and details on each.

Image of Crag Trait Guide
Crag Trait


Image of Ghost Trait Guide
Ghost Trait


Image of Snow Trait Guide
Snow Trait


Image of Study Trait Guide
Study Trait


Image of Turf Trait Guide
Turf Trait


Dungeon Village 2 Summary

Forge a heroic hamlet in Dungeon Village 2, where your town's growth from a modest settlement to a haven for ambitious adventurers takes center stage. As warriors and merchants flock to your burgeoning burg, profit from their monster-slaying exploits and dungeon conquests while strategically building training facilities to enhance your denizens' skills and village Popularity.

Rise in rank by fulfilling specific conditions, expanding your shop inventory, and unlocking more advanced quests. Experiment with the new "Cauldron" feature to test your alchemical prowess, adding rare items to your armory. Dive into the depths of dungeons and craft your village into the epicenter of this RPG narrative.