Image of Pocket Harvest Layout in Pocket Harvest


Introduction to Layout in Pocket Harvest

As with most Kairosoft games, Pocket Harvest gives you a space to customize and optimize. Specifically with this game, optimization and placement of buildings, crops and decorations are important to a fruitful harvest.

There are several things to consider for layout:

  1. Efficiency of crops
  2. Appeal/quality of crops
  3. Quests from merchants
  4. Bio lab for research

Arguably, the efficiency of your crops is one of the most important factors in considering layout.

This is because without efficient layouts, everything in the game will progress much slower, and you might even dip into the negative for gold. In another guide, we have the best method getting rich in Pocket Harvest.

Appeal, quality, taste etc. attributes are important for some quests and contests. The merchants also demand you to help them with missions, which often require certain amounts of crops near their building. Finally, to unlock recipes and further your game, you will need to send components to the Bio Lab.

In this guide, we will explore a layout option that works for all the considerations above, with the primary motivation to increase efficiency of your crops.

Maximizing Crop Efficiency

Kairosoft Pocket Harvest Ideal patch of 5 by 5 Pocket Harvest Layout, a patch of 5x5 including four crops in 2x2

The best way to maximize efficiency of your crops is to plant in 2x2 (or 3x3) patches of the same crop. Planting a square enhances the crop within that patch.

The green house, probably most important building in the game, allows you to grow any crop all season long, which drastically increases overall yield. This building covers a 5x5 square, which means you can fit four unique patches of fruits or veggies within it in the center.

Now that you have four patches of crops with a greenhouse at the center, this leaves eight remaining spaces. We can use these eight spaces as we see fit, some possibilities include:

  • Adding a House or two for farmers
  • Adding a Sprinkler for automated watering
  • Including two pine trees, or two patches of flowers/bamboo
  • Moving a merchant close to fulfill a mission

Housing for Farmers

Before you acquire robots, farmers are all you have to help you on the homestead. So you will have to add at least one or two houses in the rows between the crop squares.

Make sure your farmers are fed, if the need a boost in efficiency, and also that their range isn't too high. This allows you to manage each crop patch with more control.

Sprinklers for Watering

Sprinklers can take a load off farmers or helpers who are struggling to get the entire patch cultivated. It's better to put sprinklers on the opposite side of helpers so helpers would have to walk less to get to the few dry patches.

Decorations, Pine Trees, Bamboo and more

Many decorations and items in Pocket Harvest has a duo-combo, meaning if you put two of them together, you can get a larger appeal, fertility, etc. bonus.

Pine trees are great because they increase harvest and they provide a medicine bonus to the crops grown near it. Hills can be good to boost the fertility and appeal nearby.

You can also place two items from your combo list into the 2x1 gaps, which can further increase any particular attribute of the crops planted in that patch.

Kairosoft Pocket Harvest Ideal patch of 5 by 5 including decorations (bamboo and pine) Pocket Harvest Layout, a patch of 5x5 including decorations (bamboo and pine)

Merchant Missions and Layout

Once you have several patches of unique fruits and vegetables growing, you will see that sometimes moving a merchant close by will already fulfill 2/3 or even 3/3 requirements for that mission.

It's much easier moving a merchant than a group of vegetables, and with this layout, you should be at least halfway there.

Don't forget to upgrade each crop's yield and quality though! As missions increase in difficulty, higher yield and higher quality requirements must be met.

Either way, analyze the mission's requirements, and only move the merchant when you have the area set up for completing the quest. It's very helpful to store up several Moist, Mach, Growth and Bumper cards for a hard mission, and maybe even moving a farmer closer to help out with the load.

Layout with Robots

In mid-game, you will unlock robots which can do several tasks for you on the homestead. They include watering, seeding, harvesting and maturing.

Robots are quite expensive, and each additional one requires a high gold investment. They also break after 2 years, which means you'll have to replace them.

However, the robots often are higher efficiency than your human homestead helpers, by harvesting a bundle of crops at the same time, and seeding several empty fields. In addition, they have a range of 10x10, meaning they can move up to 5 squares away, allowing them to take care of a larger field.

A robot would fit nicely between your patches of 5x5. Depending on which crops you're growing, an ideal placement could be between two 5 by 5s, or in the middle of four 5 by 5s. The farmer should be placed on the small strips that the robot doesn't cover, to make sure all crops will be efficiently harvested.