Image of the trait Crag in Dungeon Village 2 Crag Trait

You can obtain the Crag trait in Dungeon Village 2 for your city by taming Sandclomper or Cragolem as pets and hosting event Potter's Hut. Worth 10 points each, Sandclomper and Cragolem are the most points for obtaining the Crag trait.

The precise amount of points for each factor in the Crag trait is detailed below.

Crag Trait Requirements

Getting the Crag Trait


There are two enemies that contribute to the Crag trait, Sandclomper and Cragolem.

Image of the monster Sandclomper in Dungeon Village 2 Sandclomper

Crag: 10 points
Other Traits:
Monster: 5

Image of the monster Cragolem in Dungeon Village 2 Cragolem

Crag: 10 points
Other Traits:
Turf: 10 Beefy: 10 Monster: 5


One events contributes to the Crag trait, Potter's Hut in Dungeon Village 2.

Potter's Hut

Crag: 5 points
Other Traits:
Art: 10 Study: 5 Culture: 15