Image of the trait Tower in Dungeon Village 2 Tower Trait

You can get the Tower trait in Dungeon Village 2 for your city by building Goat Tower or Pagoda. Goat Tower and Pagoda are worth 10 points, which are the most points for obtaining the Tower trait.

The Tower trait is a requirement for three titles, including Fantasy World, Bastion Of Tradition and Tower Complex.

The precise amount of points for each factor in the Tower trait is detailed below.

Tower Trait Requirements Titles With Tower Trait

Getting the Tower Trait


There are three structures that contribute to the Tower trait, Goat Tower, Pagoda and Sky-high House.

Goat Tower

Tower: 10 points
Other Traits:
Animal: 10
Available: Forest Map Facility Store Lv1
Cost: 1,000 G


Tower: 10 points
Other Traits:
Culture: 5 Eastern: 10
Available: Eastern Map 3 Stars
Cost: 1,600 G

Sky-high House

Tower: 3 points
Other Traits:
House: 2 Magic: 2
Available: Cauldron

Dungeon Village 2 Titles with Tower Trait

In Dungeon Village 2, the Tower trait is a requirement in three titles, Fantasy World, Bastion of Tradition and Tower Complex.

Fantasy World

Tower: 20 points
Other Traits Needed For "Fantasy World":
Dragon: 20 Sprite: 30

Bastion of Tradition

Tower: 10 points
Other Traits Needed For "Bastion of Tradition":
History: 20 Adventure: 20

Tower Complex

Traits Need
  • Tower